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The Future Of The Internet
Perspectives emerging from R&D in Europe



The Video of the Conference is now available as a Streaming Video or as download Video.

The event is organized by Jožef Stefan Institute, a partner of the FP7 EIFFEL project (, and ISOC Slovenia under the Slovenian Presidency of EU with support of European Commission, DG Information Society and Media and the sponsors. The event is organized as a public open day event entitled »Perspectives Emerging from R&D in Europe« where the EU vision about the Future Internet from R&D perspectives will be discussed. The public day will be followed by two-day technical workshop.

Internet world as we know it today has undergone far-reaching and profound changes since its early days while becoming a critical communications infrastructure underpinning our economic performance and social welfare. With an estimate of 1.1 billion users world-wide today the Internet is poised to become a fully pervasive infrastructure providing anywhere, anytime connectivity. Thanks in particular to the further deployment of wireless technologies, the number of users of the Internet is expected to jump to some 4 billion in a matter of few years. This event will try to provide some answers to the challenges arising from the emerging new technologies and societal issues related to the Future Internet.

The event will take part in Bled, Slovenia. Slovenia is located in Central Europe surrounded by four neighboring  countries: Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. Bled, the Alpine pearl is located in the nothern-western part of the country known as  highlands of Slovenia. Bled is only 20 kilometers from the international airport Jože Pučnik and 55 kilometers from the Slovenia capital Ljubljana.

The venue of the conference is located in the heart of Bled. Most of the local facilities and sights are within walking distance from the conference venue. Accommodation is provided in Sava hotels located close to the banks of the  beautiful lake of Bled.

Bled is surrounded by mountains, ski resorts and offers rowing, tracking paths, skating, horse riding, golf, many other sport activities and entertainment. The village of Bled is full with  historical and cultural sights worth visiting.